Who We Are

To grow is natural, but there are few who choose to evolve in quest for excellence. Growth is beyond numbers-years, profits, turnover... It's a pervasive necessity to be able to survive and an inevitable process to learn, de-learn and re-learn from one's actions, experiences and surroundings. That's how with every passing moment one continues to grow and emerge as a stronger and better identity, be it an individual or an organization. At Vatsalya Group, it's time to cherish and celebrate the journey of two decades of successful home building that has evolved over time to achieve high level of excellence and customer satisfaction in every home we build. It feels great pride and joy as we head toward the bright milestone of our journey with contemporary thoughts and approaches to quality real estate development. We are growing 4 years young, energetic, innovative and dynamic!

Reflecting success, strength and standard Vatsalya Group, since 2010.. Four years of strong reputation, sound legacy of success and heritage of high values in quality home building, that makes the identity of Vatsalya Group from Surat. It was founded in 2010 with the vision to evolve as a leading company building homes that leave lasting impression and which last forever. Commitment to the level of devotion toward achieving excellence and values like integrity, dependability, leadership and trust have been the inseparable characteristics of the company since its inception. Today, owing to unfailing adherence to its quality standards, principles and ethics, Vatsalya Group enjoys recognition to be among the respected builders of the nation. Vatsalya Group has always laid enough emphasis on understanding customer expectations and desires while building homes, because we believe a home is the foundation for nurturing and expressing one's lifestyle. We design homes keeping our customers in mind; therefore every home we build reflects the way families and individuals live in today's contemporary world. It is this unwavering pursuit of customer satisfaction and promise of building communities of excellence that makes us the trusted home builder of the new era.


We envision ourselves emerging as world's premier builders in following ways:
-> We become integral part of the customers' which leads to our success path.
-> We make people proud to be associated with and work at Vatsalya Group.
-> Communities look upon us as responsible and responsive organization contributing toward enhancing quality of life.
-> Communities has recognized us as the good quality developer in swat.


To develop such communities that create sense of warmth and comfort, sense of oneness and belonging, good health and happiness and a holistic vision for a better life.


We shall strive to strict adherence of the technical standards as updated and delight the customers by maintaining high standard in quality and preciseness in building construction, through a team of qualified and dedicated personnel. We shall achieve this by
-> Increasing preciseness in construction through continual checking.
-> Effective utilization of resources.
-> Providing growth oriented work environment for employees.
-> Complying all legal and statutory requirements.

Note :

* Stamp duty, Registration Fee & service Tax, VAT, Power, Legal Documentation, Maintenance expanse & maintenance deposit and all charges shall be borne by the member separately. * Any additional charges or duties levied by the Government/Local authorities during of after the completion of the scheme will be borne ny the member. * The project consultant/developer reserve all right to make any changes to the design or specification of the scheme without prior notice shall be binding to all members. * This brochure is intended only for easy display and information of this scheme and does not part of legal document.

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